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How to Remove Unjust Airbnb Reviews FULL GUIDE

airbnb arbitrage short term rental Oct 19, 2023
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Unfair negative Airbnb reviews can be a host's worst nightmare, wreaking havoc on your hard-earned reputation and deterring potential guests. 


Just imagine this: A potential guest scrolls through your listing, only to stumble upon those discouraging negative reviews. 


Doubts flood their mind, trust erodes, and bookings slip away. 


I recently faced a similar situation where five unjust negative reviews threatened to tarnish my Airbnb listings. 


However, I refused to let these unfair reviews stay up, so I took action and successfully had them removed. In this blog post, I'll share how I did it.


Understanding Airbnb's Review Policy

First and foremost, it's essential to understand Airbnb's review policy. 


Airbnb recently updated its review policy, stating that guests cannot use reviews as retaliation for hosts enforcing their house rules. 


In my case, all the negative reviews were complaints about clearly stated house rules, such as no smoking and no loud music after 11:00, for example.


Taking Action: How I Got Unjust Reviews Removed

Here's a step-by-step guide on how I tackled this issue and got the unfair reviews removed:


Review Your Old Reviews: 


The first step is to go through your old reviews. Look for any reviews that violate Airbnb's policy. In my case, these were reviews that clearly contradicted my house rules.


Contact Airbnb Customer Service: 


Once you've identified the problematic reviews, dial Airbnb's customer service line. 


When you get in touch with them, point out Airbnb's own review policy. Emphasize how these negative reviews are in violation of their rules. Be polite but firm in your request for removal.


Provide Evidence: 


To strengthen your case, provide evidence. 


This could include screenshots of the reviews, copies of your house rules, and any relevant communication you had with guests regarding these rules. 


The more documentation you can provide, the better your chances of success.


Stay Persistent: 


Be prepared for the possibility that Airbnb's initial response may not be in your favor. 


Don't give up. If the first customer service representative you talk to doesn't provide a solution, politely ask to speak to a supervisor or escalate your case. 


Airbnb wants to maintain a fair and just review system, so they should be willing to assist you.


The Results


I got the unjust reviews removed, and our average listing rating increased from 4.8 to over 4.9. 


This boost in our overall rating led to increased revenue and more bookings for my listings.


So, if you're ever in a similar situation, like I was, take the time to look through your old reviews. 


If you spot any reviews that violate Airbnb's policy, don't hesitate to call Airbnb and request their removal. 


Safeguard your hard-earned reputation, and keep your Airbnb business thriving.


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