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Build Wealth With Airbnb Short Term Rentals

In 2017, my wife Elizabeth and I started our Short Term Rental business while working full time jobs. I was an investment banker at BofA Merrill Lynch and Liz worked in luxury fashion. We had great jobs but knew corporate grind was not for us and were obsessed with THREE FREEDOMS: Financial Freedom, Time Freedom, and Location Freedom.

We wanted to have the freedom to do whatever we want, whenever we want, wherever we want. I’ve analyzed many businesses in my investment banking career, and never saw anything as good as Airbnb Rental Arbitrage - high cash flow, low upfront cost, and amazing tax advantages.

Today, we’ve built this business to $2,000,000+ in revenue with 26 units and purchased $7,000,000+ of vacation rental properties in the Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee.

We figured out how to build and automate our 7 figure Airbnb business, and finally achieved the freedom that we craved.

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Introducing The STR Like The Best Program

The STR Like The Best Program will give you the best step-by-step program on how to start, build and scale an automated 7-figure Airbnb business.

The STR Like The Best Program is the #1 Airbnb Investment Program in the market. 

I will teach you my exact strategies, methods, and framework developed with 10 years of investment banking experience and a MBA in Finance from Cornell University. 

Everything from setting up your business, finding the best markets, underwriting with confidence, negotiating the best deals, and managing your business to achieving financial, time, and location freedom.

Having success in Airbnb Short Term Rentals is just like all things good in life. It requires hard work and consistent execution using the information I'm going to share with you. I'm 100% transparent with every aspect of my business and I'm giving you the blueprint to replicate this model for yourself.

I promise you that if you complete every lesson and take action, you will achieve results. If you join this program and you don't get your first property in 6 months after taking action, I will personally sit down with you to coach you to your first deal.

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Meet our current students - Chris DiFlorio, Kevin Zou and Jennifer Wong, Steven Marvin, Michael Meisner,


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Airbnb Furniture Cheat Sheet

Every single amenity and furniture item you will need to set up and furnish your Airbnb, organized by retailer and price. This is the most important google sheet I use every time I decide to expand the business and pick up more units. It's a great way to stay organized and within budget.

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Rental Arbitrage Lease Addendum

This is the exact Lease Addendum I have for every Property I lease. This Addendum is signed along with the regular residential lease you will sign. It includes language to protect yourself if the laws change in your market, and you have to exit the lease.

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Landlord Sales Script

Get the exact script I use to call apartment complexes to work with our business for corporate housing. You can teach this to an Assistant and have her do outreach for you all day long. This is the hack that I use to reach out to hundreds of buildings per week so I have an evergreen funnel of leads. This alone is worth $2,000.

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Automation Checklist

My full checklist of exactly what software you need to implement to automate your business, and what hires you need to make (and what their roles and responsibilities are) so that you are working on your business and not in your business. 

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Rental Arbitrage Masterclass

Only on This Page $8,997

  • Over 5 hours of video course content teaching you how to start, grow and automate your 7-figure Airbnb business
  • 87 individual learning modules and Q&A sessions with successful students
  • Lifetime access to¬†my private¬†community¬†groups where I will answer all questions and messages
  • My financial models I use to analyze deals and get the best units
  • My lease addendum which you will need to legally list your units and protect your against potential liability
  • My worksheets and frameworks I use to research and identify the best markets
  • My furniture sheet that includes links to every item you should order to set up your Airbnb
  • Negotiation tips and¬†strategies to get up to 3 months of FREE rent when I lease new units
  • Access to the exact call and email scripts I use to convince landlords to work with my business
  • Hiring how-to's for all the staff you need to run your Airbnb business
  • Automated messaging and house manual templates to allow you to work 5 hours a week
  • My rental agreement I have all my guests sign to prevent issues and chargebacks

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Mentorship Program

Includes all Rental Arbitrage Masterclass Course materials

  • Direct mentorship with Michael¬†over 6 months
  • I will teach you the¬†Airbnb arbitrage strategy and how to Buy and Self Manage your own properties
  • Research markets and¬†analyze¬†short term rental investment properties so you will make money even if interest rates are high
  • Short term rental tax loophole -¬†Access to my personal tax strategies and network of accountants and lawyers who will help create a personalize strategy to minimize your tax liability
  • Zoom screen share calls with¬†Michael to guide you through everything from market research, property underwriting, negotiation, setting up your listings, and automation process
  • Closer assistance. I will sit down and talk to a landlord for you to help you close a deal. Ability to use my company as a source of credibility when pitching landlords
  • GUARANTEE: I promise you will acquire your first rental arbitrage unit within 6 weeks or buy your first property in 6 months.¬†If not, I will coach you indefinitely until you do
  • Ideal candidates include:
    • Real estate professionals want to learn¬†short term rentals
    • Long term rentals¬†homeowners want to convert to short term rentals
    • Existing¬†short term rentals¬†owners with 1-2 properties looking to scale and get themselves out of the day to day.
    • W-2 wage earners¬†who want to lower their taxes through short term rental investing
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My Guarantee to You

I promise you that if you complete every lesson and take action, you will see results. If you enter this program and you don't get your first unit in 6 months after taking action, I will personally sit down with you to coach you to your first deal.

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